Welcome to the Village of North Kingsville, Ohio

Village Hall will be closed until further notice!

We are accepting appointments on an as needed basis.  Anyone entering the building must wear a mask.

Property Owners on:

King Road, 6345 Hedrick Lane, 6355 Hedrick Lane, 3650 Hedrick Lane

It is time to renew the Street Light Assessments !

We need a few volunteers to obtain property owners signatures on the petition or the street lights will be turned off 12/31/2020.  Village staff are prohibited by law from assisting in obtaining the signatures.

Please contact Chris Stevens at the Village for more information 440-224-0091.


To reduce the exposure to Coronavirus:  Please use the drop-box at the front door to drop off Ticket payments & Taxes.

You may also call (440) 224-0091 to pay Court fines (Tickets) via credit or debit card, or to obtain the total amount owed.

Tax returns may also be submitted via mail. If you have tax questions, you may call (440) 224-1924


Council Meetings are recorded and can be viewed on Conneaut Access Cable channel 6 & Spectrum channel 1024.  11:10 am & 8:25 pm  


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