A great place to raise a family.

The Village of North Kingsville has it's own police department that stresses traffic safety through enforcement, as well as investigating any and all crimes that occur within North Kingsville.

Full-Time Officers:                            
Chief Hugh Flanigan--flanigan@northkingsvilleohio.org        
Sgt. Dan Patriarco-----nkpd521@gmail.com
Ptlm. Shannon Krenisky                    
Ptlm. Paul Block                                
Part-Time Officers:  Ptlm. Ryan Coy, Ptlm. Tony Tirado
Reserve Officers:    Ptlm. Joey Smith Ptlm. Chris Monda, Ptlm. Aaron Mc Cracken,                                         Ptlm. Abdalla Kassim, Ptlm. Rich Mongell

                   3541 E. Center St                            440-224-1074
                   P.O. Box 253                                    440-224-1991 Dispatch
                   North Kingsvile, OH 44068              440-224-1994  Fax

                                         PHOTO GALLERY    

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