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Dear Residents,

Since my last report a lot has happened but at the same time things have remained the same. We here at the Village continue to monitor COVID-19 and continue to work with the various departments throughout the county. I still have teleconferences three times a week with other Mayors and City Managers from the county along with hospital representatives from University Hospital and ACMC, and various representatives from the county prosecutor’s office, EMS, the County Health Department, Ashtabula City Health Department, the City of Conneaut Health Department, Ashtabula County Emergency Management (EMA) , a representative from mental health, various doctors and representatives from nursing homes and even State Representative John Patterson. We discuss issues that arise in our area. The different departments give up dates to keep us informed as to what is going on. 

Preventive measures will start to lax a bit. The Village staff will be all back working their regular hours May 4th but the Village Hall will continue to be closed to the public. Please continue to call, 224-0091 to pay your tickets or ask questions or 224-1924 for tax related questions. The drop box on the front door will remain there for your convince to make payments for either taxes or tickets. Please don’t forget to include important information such as how to contact you if needed. 

Some residents are still asking whether or not we are extending our deadline for taxes. The answer to that is yes. Although, we encourage everyone to get their taxes in as soon as possible we understand that a difficult time has struck and if there is a hardship in your home that extension is available.

Court will be resuming May 14th. Usually the Village of North Kingsville only holds court once a month, Thursday mornings. At least for the month of May, we will have court Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This will break up how many will be coming into the building on each day. Preventive measures will be made as to protect people and social distancing will be practiced.

For the month of May we will have council meetings at the Village Hall but due to the Governor’s order of no more than ten people congregating in one area we are unable to allow the public to come into the building. We will be already at full capacity once we get all council members, myself, our council clerk, our solicitor and our fiscal manger in the room. We value your thoughts and opinions so from now and until each council night at 6:30pm feel free to leave a message on my voice mail or email me at  and I will give each council member a copy of your message. We also want to make sure you all have access to watch the council meetings so I will continue to give up dates on the dates and times that our council meets will be televised on Conneaut Cable and Spectrum. 

I am trying to keep residents updated with information in many different ways, one being through the website and through this mayor’s report. I also update through a newly formed government Facebook page, Village of North Kingsville, Ohio. If you are interested in watching our council meetings you can find that on Conneaut Cable Channel 6 and Spectrum Channel 1024. There is a link on the website that gives the scheduled air times. 

All Committee meetings are still canceled unless there is vital business to conduct that is relative to the operations of the Village. Some committee meetings may be held virtually. The decisions of how committee meetings will be handled will be made by the committee head.

As many of our residents may already know, the Village is attempting to purchase the former school property owned by Flanagan’s Roofing and Construction LLC. Council has negotiated a purchase price which is lower than the tax valuation and the purchase agreement is conditioned upon the acceptance of a Phase I Environmental Study which is presently being conducted. Not only has Council determined that the price is reasonable, but owning said parcel can be very beneficial and useful to the Village in the future. Several years ago the Village sold real property located on Lake Rd. which proceeds are now available for this purchase. Council is presenting this matter in three readings to allow our residents the opportunity to voice their opinions. If you would like to discuss this matter please do not hesitate to contact me (440-224-0091) or any Council member. 

I would like to thank everyone who took part in the Easter Egg Social Distancing Hunt. I enjoyed seeing the eggs around the community and even some that were posted on the Facebook page.

Once the snow melted and we were able to get into the park, it came to our attention that much of our bank of Sun Set Park eroded away and continues to do so. I have started to make some contacts to find out what can be done. We are also monitoring the situation and ask that everyone remembers to stay behind the fence once the park is able to open.

Many of you should have already received your 2020 Census. If you have not, please go to You can also call 1-844-330-2020. The Village is doing a good job at getting their Census turned in. We are at 53% being turned in. So if you haven’t done yours please do so as soon as you can.

Please continue to go to for questions about coronavirus. 

I would like to thank everyone for their paiteince and understanding through all of this.  Please take care of yourselves and each other.  Together wil will get through this.


Mindy Bisbee

Mayor,  North Kingsville Village

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