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As most of you already may know I have decided not to run for a second term. It has been my honor and privilege to serve this community for the past six years. Shortly after taking office as mayor, I asked former Mayor Tim Zee if he had any advice for me. He simply said, the only advice I have is when you leave this village as Mayor just leave it a little better than you found it. In the past four years I have tried to do just that. I always tried to do what was best for the village as a whole. During my term I updated outdated ordinances, updated and wrote a new employee policy book, with the help of the department heads created job descriptions, organized clean up days, obtained grants for cleanup day, awarded grant money to police Chief Krenisky and Fire Chief Hubbard to organize First Responders Day, opened communication between the mayor’s office and residents by asking Chief Krenisky to create a village Facebook page, created tabs on the website to help keep everyone informed and kept council members informed of my doings in the mayor’s office. I also formed a committee that made up one council member, one business owner, and two residents to help me explore the idea of bringing sewers to the village. I was working with the county. They were going to help with a study if we received 100% of the petitions that were sent out. Then out of that 100%, returns we had have 95-96% of the people wanting to explore the idea. Unfortunately, we did not receive 100% of the petitions back.  Therefore, the committee and I decided it was not in the best interest of the village not to pursue this exploration. Also with the help of Kevin Grippi from Smolen Engineering, I submitted a packet to the State to have the Village of North Kingsville be considered to receive funds from State Capital money. To my surprised, we were awarded $150,000 to go towards a playground that would be placed at the new park that I would like to see developed where the old North Kingsville School once stood. In order to receive those funds I had to submit more detailed information, which I did. That packet of information was accepted. With the help of a committee that consisted of three residents and Steve Kray from Buckeye Local Schools, I held a golf outing fund raisers that would towards the development of that new park. We raised about $8,600.00 in those two years.  We went through some difficult time as well like COVID. Luckily, with the percussions that we took at the village hall we weathered that storm. I spent countless hours talking to the health department and sitting in on county meetings doing everything I could to protect our residents and employees. I did small things hoping to make a bit of difference like with the help of my husband put lights on the village hall building, received a donation from Lowes and planted a small tree in Blank Park that I have decorated over the years. I build a Santa post office box for the children and I attend events that were organized by the police and/or fire department. I contacted Chick-fil-A to have them come visit the village to bring something a little different to our area. I also tried to make myself available to the employees and residents. I held office hours and my door was open when people when people wanted to talk.

I have enjoyed my time here at the village hall and appreciate the support I have received over the years. I could not have accomplished or done this position to the best of my ability without the help of the staff of the village. We have a wonderful group of employees who love and are dedicated to this village. We have several that have worked for the village for many years and put everything they have into their jobs. This group of people always made their selves available when I had questions or needed someone to bounce ideas off of. I was truly fortunate to have the staff I did. I wish them and all of you the very best.


Mayor Mindy Bisbee


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