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Dear Residents of North Kingsville,

The school year has finally kicked off, summer has ended and the cold weather seems to be on its way. For many of us the summer may not have been what we had originally planned but I hope you were able to make some great memories.

 Unfortunately, we are still dealing with COVID-19. It was my hope that the virus would have minimized much more than it has by now but I continue to encourage you to wear your mask when out and follow the guidance of the Health Departments and our Governor. As for us at the Village Hall, our doors are still closed to the public but please call to set up an appointment or come by and knock on the door.  We are always willing to talk and help with what you need but I ask that if you come to the building, wear a mask. We will also have to take your temperature and have you sign in.

I still continue to have county meetings but instead of two or three times a week, we are down to once. We continue to get updates from various organizations. I am also a part of a group from our county that has different businesses and organizations that come and discuss their struggles during the pandemic.  The group will discuss ways that may be able to help them. I also meet with other mayors throughout Ohio. This is a bi-weekly meeting that we not only talk about the pandemic but other issues that mayor’s face every day.

Although our council meetings are closed to the public I am trying my best to keep the public informed and involved. Our meetings are televised and I have set up a Gotomeeting account. I post information on how to link up on Gotomeeting on the Village Government Facebook page and we have copies at Village Hall. If you are having any problems connecting, please let me know so I can help you get connected. Although the times change for the airing of the council meetings, I do receiving emails as to when they will be televised and I post them on the Village Government Facebook page.  Therefore, it is my hope that if anyone is unable to link in to the Gotomeeting, they can watch it on television. As always, if you have questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact myself at the office or a council member.

The Outreach Committee, council, the street department, and I will be having a cleanup day in the Village. This will be held September 26th from 8:00am to noon. We will be getting 3 roll off trash containers and 1 scrap container. I am also working on a grant to help offset the expense of our cleanup day. Any money that is received from the scrap container from recycling will come back to the Village.

I know there has been much interest in the Village buying the old school property. The sale of the property has gone through. Council knows there is much work to be done and it our hope and intention that this property will be used for the community in some way.  Council is making plans to get together to make those plans. We will let everyone what those plans are as soon as we know.

I know many are upset about Sunset Park not opening this year. I also know there are many rumors. Council and myself have not made any definite plans yet. But what I can tell you is there has been a lot of research done about that land. I have contacted our insurance company. They do not recommend us opening the park. They say it is a liability and we have a responsibility to protect the public. They went on to say the playground is too close to the edge of the cliff and they fear children playing on the fence and people not following directions and crossing over the fence line. Our legal council also advises us to keep the park closed, explaining the same concerns as the insurance company. If an incident occurs at the park, the Village could be held responsible. Therefore, council and I made the difficult decision to keep the park closed. We have contacted a representative from the Ashtabula County Water and Soil Department. He has come out and looked at the property. He has given a detailed report on the issues we are having and gave a couple of different options on how to fix it. We were also given an estimated amount if we decided to fix it which would be between 6 and 10 million dollars, that does not include fixing the complete shoreline that we own. That is only the part you can see.  Although some believe there are grants out there, we have discovered there are no grants. The grants that are available are not for parks. The criteria for a grant is that there must be structures, water and sewer lines. Our park does not have any of that. If someone finds a grant that will help us, I encourage them to call me at the office or send me an email. The next step is council will get together to discuss all the information we have been given and decide what we are going to do. I would then like to have an open meeting with the public.

This year we would like to honor our Village residents that are Veterans by putting together a slide show. From now until October 5th we will be accepting photos of current and past residents along with their name and branch of service. If you don’t have a photo or do not want to submit one you can just email me a name with their branch of service. The slide show will premiere Veteran’s Day, November 11th and will run the rest of the month. Please email me all information at   

In the next coming weeks we will be getting ready for all the busy holidays. Please continue to watch on the government Facebook page and our website for events. The Outreach Committee and I are working hard making plans.  Until then please stay safe and stay healthy.


Mayor Mindy Bisbee


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