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Update from the Ashtabula County Health Deparment - 10/13/2020

Please Find a brief summary of an emerging pattern of disease transmission of COVID-19 in Ashtabula County.  In short, COVID-19 community spread is now becoming more evident, while institutional COVID-19 disease spread is somewhat decreasing.

This trend is concerning however, and is not confined to Ashtabula County as it is taking place in many parts of the state and country.  This recent trend is most likely related to the re-opening of the local and state economy. Unfortunately, some members of the public believe that the re-opening of the local and state economy means that the threat of COVID-19 has greatly diminished.  However, as much as we would like this to be the case, COVID-19 is still a significant concern in Ashtabula County.

Visit the State of Ohio website:


To reduce the exposure to Coronavirus:  Please use the drop-box at the front door to drop off Ticket payments & Taxes.

You may also call (440) 224-0091 to pay Court fines (Tickets) via credit or debit card, or to obtain the total amount owed.

Tax returns may also be submitted via mail. If you have tax questions, you may call (440) 224-1924

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